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What’s the Best Startup & Business Book?

Forget the hype! There are objective ways to identify the best book for startups and growing businesses.

The key is the author’s breath of experience and qualifications. You can’t learn more from the author than the author knows!

Here are some criteria to consider. Has the author:

  • Been an officer of a public company or a founder and CEO of a multi-million-dollar company?
  • Had broad and deep experience in every aspect of business, from the shop floor to raising money, intellectual property, marketing, contracting, and finance?
  • Been an experienced lawyer as well as a business expert? Law and business are totally comingled. You could make a great business decision that results in a business-killing legal mistake.
  • Told you what never to do as well as what to do to be successful?  For example, never order a background check on an applicant without getting prior written permission.
  • Worked with all kinds of companies from tech to health care, real estate, and government contracts?
  • Provided practical advice, tips, model forms and graphs so that you can understand everything easily, step-by-step?
  • Written a fun to read book with interesting cases and stories?

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